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January 10th, 2007 Testimonial

Mark,just wanted to give you an update on the 5 ways training program. I would definitely say you are the REAL DEAL when it comes to online marketing. I was on the first call and I appreciate you showing how to create a squeeze page. I have studied the way David De Angelo's method and I will be following his style. I also liked your artice re-writing strategy, in fact I will be asking some of my nieces to help write some of the articles. Again, I appreciate your help and I know I will be successful using your online marketing strategies.

Edwin P.

01/06/07 UPDATE - Member Testimonial - Read This If You Have Any Doubts This Works!!

Hello and good day,

I came across this site from a friend of mines who told me about it about a two months ago and I'm already making some decent money. No I am not claiming to be a millionaire but am making some decent money for hardly any work. The guy who put this thing together REALLY knows his stuff and is REALLY out to help people. Trust me others charge thousands and even tens of thousands to learn how to do what we do. This guy did not charge the members at all. He just recommended that we buy the software he suggests and learn how to use it. Implementation is EVERYTHING he says AND if you purchase the software via his links then he helps you implement everything!!! It doesn't get any better than that.

It is not an overnight get rich quick scheme!
It is not a MLM!!
It is not a Pyramid Scheme!

It is just a simple way to use readily available software to make money by putting up websites everyday. I probably work about 2 hours a day right now and am up to about $140 a day and I never made that much on my regular job on a daily basis. The best part is that this money is consistent and steady. On some days I've hit $170 and at the rate I am going I should be averaging about $250 a day really soon. Probably in the next couple weeks or so. I don't worry about Search Engine Optimization, PPC (Pay Per Click) or any other traffic strategies because the way these sites attract the search engines it's like CRACK!

The system is so easy that I had my 17 year old son try it since he spends so much time on MySpace and online that he started to make money too. Within about two weeks he was already averaging about $25 a day. The guy behind the system designed it for NEWBIES in mind. So if you don't know ANYTHING don't worry you'll be up and running in less than a day and hopefully earning money within days or a couple weeks!

Now my son is making about $750 per month and I am clearing $4,200 and all we do is put up web sites the way this guy tells us to do it. The software is really easy to use and the goal is only to make a dollar from each site. That's it!! Just make a dollar from each site and ask yourself "How many sites would you put up?"

Well me and my son started to put them up like crazy and our combined monthly income is over $4,900 per month.

I can not tell you enough to convince you that this system works. It's all based on AdSense, search engines and affiliate marketing. Trust me it all sounds scary at first cause you're thinking I don't know how to build web sites but this guy not only shows you how but tells you exactly which tools to buy to make it even more easy. It's actually really fun. It's sort of like the stock market. You get to watch your sites make money every day and some times it's more than others.

Give it a try and see for yourself that this money making system really works. There are tons of people doing it already. Just look up the word Adsense and see what all the buzz is about then go here to make it happen for yourself: http://www.dollar-a-day-per-site.info Opt in for all the information. Do it soon because he limits the group to be able to equally divide his attention and help all his members.

Work from home - Home-based Business - Makes Money! Enough said!!

To your health and wealth.

J. Rey


By the way I own my own businesses (web design & hosting company) and don't even bother working at those any more due to what I am making with this system now. It just does not pay to "work" that hard for less money and freedom. This system had REALLY enabled me to live the LIFESTYLE I've not only dreamed about but desired for a very long time. Shoot I deserve it!  :)  Don't you owe it to yourself and deserve it too?

Here is the LATEST video testimonial from a satisfied Mark Ress client

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